Amrapura is First LED Village of Gujarat, India

Take a look at the first LED Village of Gujarat, which has become a model for other villages.

Lots of projects has been initiated by government, Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and NGOs to promote energy efficient LED Lights. BEE nationwide LED village campaign has replaced the existing incandescent bulbs with LEDs in many villages and converted them into a LED village. A total of 27 villages will get benefited from LED village campaign. The latest village that completely illuminated with LED lights is Amrapura. Amrapura LED village project is implemented by Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA) and jointly funded by BEE.

Amrapura is First LED Village of Gujarat

Amrapura village of Mansa taluka is the first LED Village of Gujarat. The modern village of developing India has become a model for other villages. Now in Amrapura, you can find LED lights everywhere: 285 households, 9 community places and Street. 1000 LED Bulbs (9W), 350 LED Tubelights (14W) and 55 LED Street Lights (18W) are used in the project.

Each home owner has given 2 LED Lamps and 1 LED Tubelight to reduce electric expense per home.

The expense of converting the entire village into LED Village is Rs. 25 lakhs. It is expected that the installation of LED lights will about Rs. 8 lakhs saving annually. About 2 lakh tons of carbon emission will also be reduced.

In simple term total LED project breakeven point will come at 3 years. And expected life of LED is 50,000 Hours.

Other than LED lights, the sanitation, roads, water and electricity systems are just like metro cities. Amrapura has got 8 awards from various organizations. There is also a website: dedicated to Amrapura village. The website provides information regarding the events and festivals going to take place in the village.

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