LED Lighting Market: Progress in 2017 and Beyond

Today, LED lights have become inseparable part of the life. People use it as these are extremely economical and energy efficient. This has brought a revolutionary change in the lives of people. The complete energy efficient LED bulbs have made the life simpler. These durable and Eco-friendly bulbs are overtaking the incandescent bulbs very quickly. After checking each factor from the label, one can take the best quality LED bulbs from the market.

led lighting market 2017

Revolutionary LEDs

Generally, it is considered that the LED invention is new to the world. But the real thing is LED lighting are prevailing from the past 50 years. This is the development of white LEDs that have recently come into knowledge of the public. These LEDs have changed and simplified the lives of people.

The question here arises, who had innovated these LED lightings & how?

1960 and its early years were the years of experimentation on the semiconductors. With the continuous experimentation, at the end of 1961, LED lighting were invented by James R Biard and Garry Pittman. Although, there were numerous scientists who have also done lots of efforts but the ultimate credit goes to these two scientists. Shuji Nakamura had launched the first blue LED light in 1994.

LED light market in India

The LED market is not completely developed but surely running on a rapid phase. But the Government has taken the initiative to push the LED lightings. The street lamps and all other areas will be covered with the LED lightings as these are the most energy efficient lighting. At the various places like, indoor, street, outdoor, railways, industrial areas, automotive and all, everywhere the LED lighting are being used. With the rising consumer awareness regarding the LED benefits, the demand and supply gap is continually widening. But still, manufacturers are giving their best to meet the whole demand of the consumers. In India, the LED lighting has the numerous opportunities to grow. Not only this, with their continuous efforts, they are becoming leader in this sector with maximum production in the entire world.

Indian LED Market prospects to grow to 30%

India LED Light Market Growth

From the extreme speed of the production, it seems that the LED lights will grow up to 30% from today’s level of production till 2021. This will become possible with the support of Government. No doubt, the Government is giving ultimate support to this innovative invention which is successfully saving the electricity. With a progressive Indian market, it can be assumed that the production will grow at least up to 30% from today’s growth.

Why LED is beneficial?

One can get numerous benefits by using the LED lighting. It saves almost 75% more energy as compared to the incandescent bulbs. This is one of the greatest innovations which are benefiting the whole country with its extreme benefits as well as with outsourcing. It is totally shock proof and doesn’t harm at all. One more benefit is that it reduces the pollution of stray light. Equal efficiency and effectiveness are the best features of this. This most economical formula is ruling in the market.

India is trending on the top in Global LED Market

Ujala State wise LED Distribution report in India

India is selling around 770 Million bulbs per day, which is the highest quantity in the entire world. No other country has such tremendous level of sale of LED lights. Out of the total production, just 12% is consumed by India and the rest of the production is being sold to the rest of the world. With this huge production, it seems, India will become the top capital of the LED in the entire universe. Because of this large scale production, the rates have come down from Rs. 332 to Rs. 52. One Ujala scheme was initiated by the government. Under this scheme, around 9.7 Crore bulbs were distributed with the aim to replace the incandescent bulbs completely. Andhra Pradesh was the state with maximum marketing of 1.9 Crore LED bulbs under the scheme Ujala. The future seems extremely bright in the field of LED lighting.

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