LED Profile Lights in India

Led profile lights are new and innovative tool for interior designers to make their dreams reality. It is a light saber that can make any false ceiling or wall panel looks light an advanced space craft. Profile light can also be used for illumination purpose as they are more durable and smooth lights instead of LED strips.

 LED Profile Lights in India

Advantages of LED Profile Lights

  • It is power saving
  • Aluminum body makes them durable
  • PC cover gives uniform illumination
  • No visible glare or LED dots.
  • Easy to install and easy to clean
  • Provides longer life compare to LED strips

Disadvantage of LED Profile Lights

  • Hard bend or curve it
  • Only available in linear shape
  • Wattage options are very low.
  • Not suitable for outdoor application

If you have already finalized your new interior design that is having LED profile light, then next step is to know what to check about quality? Here are some points to check.

8 Quality factors to consider in LED profile lights

1. Quality of SMD LEDs

SMD LEDs comes in various packages and manufactured by many brands. From Chinese to Korean and may be Japanese. Poor SMD LED will give you non-uniform light colour and intensity. It will reach to half of lumen in 2-3 years.

2. Lumens/Watt for LED

High quality LED gives good lumen/watt as well as CRI of at least 80. Poor CRI will fade your whole interior and will also harm your eyes.

3. Number of LEDs or Wattage/Meter

LED profile lights available in various power and thickness. According to application you might install them in bedroom, dining or living room. There should be power of 3to7 watts/ meter.

4. Quality of SMPS or Adapter

Your LED profile or strip relays on good quality power supply. Cheap SMPS will burn down LED strip or it might not work in few months.

5. Body

Some low quality and cheap product might be made with PVC profile. But good quality products will have aluminum extrusion body. It should be powder coated or anodized for long life.

6. Quality of PC cover

PC cover hides LED and provides uniform lights without glare. Very thin or low quality pc will break in few years and you will need to change that profile lights.

7. IP Ratings

The more IP you get, it will be better. IP ratings are given to measure how pack and secure is your product. Small dust particles and water droplets can damage any electronic product. It is always good to purchase IP65 product. Or you can go for at least IP55 or IP45.

8. Price

It starts from 50-60 rupees/ meter to several thousand/ meter. You should never buy cheap product where you can’t change them frequently. Medium range product should be ok according to quality factor.

Application of LED profile lights

  • It can be used in false ceiling
  • LED panel lights can be used in wall panel.
  • Some Interior designer use them in wardrobe and storage area.
  • Good quality and waterproof profile can also be used in bathrooms.
  • It can be also used as hanging lights

Shapes and Types of LED Profile lights

Shapes and Types of LED Profile lights

The most used shape is rectangle box. Concealed shapes are U with flaps to hold on both sides. There are also round, corner and square shape available for different requirements.

1. Surface Installation

They are general purpose and can be installed by bolting or adhesive on various surfaces like metal, wood, plaster, glass, etc.

2. Floor Installation

They are deep and strong profile. Such profiles have strong PC cover and good Ingress ratings.

3. Corner

These profiles are right angle with curved or flat PC cover. It can be fitted in various corners in furniture.

4. Concealed

Those profiles can be plastered in wall or ceiling. They are strong and perforated or ribbed surface to make good grip in plaster or wood.

5. Angle Profile

They are used as wall washer and showroom display. They focus lights on particular angle.

6. Very thin

It is very thin light that are just 3-5 mm width and creates stunning light string effects.

Best Brands to Buy LED Profile lights

  • Indian Brands

    • Hybec
    • Applelite
    • Compton
    • K-lite
    • Noble
    • Illumax

International Brands

  • Hafele

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