Best LED Light Tools to Calculate Savings

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Learn how much cost and energy you can save by switching to LED Lights from old CFL or tubelight with the help of these LED Light Saving Calculator Tools.

Today people are more focused towards cost plus energy savings and environment. This is why LED Lights are coming in the spotlight. We all know the energy and the cost benefits of LED Lighting but many of us are still confused whether to switch to LED Lights or not. The only thing we see is the higher cost price of LED Lights compared to other Lights. LED Light Saving Calculator gives answer to your question why you should change out your incandescent or CFL bulbs for LED Lights.

LED light saving calculator helps you to know the real value of switching to LED Lights. It calculates the cost savings and energy savings you will gain by upgrading your lighting system to LED lights. You can even determine how much money you save on replacement bulbs due to the longer bulb life and how long it will take to recover your full investment made for LED lights. Generally, the initial investment will be recovered in around 2 to 4 years (depends upon quality of LED light you choose).

Most of the LED cost saving calculators are very easy to use and work with any type of bulb: CFL, incandescent, fluorescent, H/sv or MH Light. You have to just enter the required parameters and it will show your savings on the basis of your entered information.

Best LED Light Electricity and Cost Saving Calculators for India

1. Charlston Lights Savings Calculator

The easy-to-use Charlston Lights savings calculator helps you to know how much you can save with Charlston LED lights in 10 years compared to CFL. You could know the amount you save on your power bill every year until 10 years. All you have to do is select a Charlston product from the drop down menu, enter your daily usage of light, quantity of light, unit rate and press the “Continue” button. In a matter of seconds you can see the results.

2. Future Light Savings Calculator

Future Light savings calculator shows your electrical and maintenance savings per year via side by side comparison between your current light and LED light. You can also view the total savings first year, payback period in months and expected savings over 5 years.

To use Future Light calculator, you have to download the spreadsheet. Just, fill in all your specific data in the yellow area and the spreadsheet will calculate the costs and show you the results in seconds.

3. Nessa LED Savings Calculator

Nessa LED savings calculator allows you to easily calculate the electricity cost you can save annually by investing in LED Lights. To calculate the saving using Nessa savings calculator, you have to input number of lights to be replaced, your existing lighting specs, LED replacement, Energy rate and hours of operation. The results will be displayed in the form of a comparison table.

4. Millennium Technology Savings Calculator

The LED Savings Calculator helps you to know about the energy and cost saved by using the LED Tube Light. Enter the quantity, wattage, number of hours in day, number of days in week and per unit cost. Millennium technology calculator calculates and shows you how much you can save in Energy and electricity bill every year.

5. Syncolite LED Savings Calculator

Syncolite calculator lets you to find out how much money you can save over the next 5 years when you upgrade lights to Syncolite LED lights. You are required to provide your name and Email along with other information. Syncolite calculator does not show the results immediately. Unlike other savings calculator, it sends the savings calculation details via email.

6. Noveulux LED Lighting Savings Calculator

Use Noveulux savings calculator to compare LED with other lighting. The calculator helps you to how much you could save on your power bill each year and each month. Simply, add Values for Rated power, No. of hours the light is used daily, unit power cost and the new Fixture cost (if you know). Adding the new Fixture cost shows the return on investment in months.

7. Honeywell Energy Saving Calculator

Honeywell energy saving calculator not only estimates the annual amount of energy you save but also CO2 Emission reduced. Insert some basic input parameters of calculator and hit the “Calculate” button. You will get the annual consumption reduced (kWh) and CO2 Emission reduced with Honeywell LED Lights.

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