Top 10 LED Street Lights in India: Comparison to Buy Best

Now everyone is awake regarding the LED lights. The exquisite efficiency, economical output of LED lights, has made it the most prevalent among the customers. With this hike up in demand, the competition among the manufacturers also increased.

best Indian LED Street Lights manufacturers in india

Now, various types of brands are available in the market, which assures the best quality. But, before resorting to one, you should consider all the characteristics that are being offered by all the companies.

For your ease, we are bringing here the best 10 LED street light brands. You can easily make the comparison to choose the best one. Continue reading Top 10 LED Street Lights in India: Comparison to Buy Best

Buying LED Street Light? Real Factors you should consider for best quality

Real Factors you should consider while buying best quality LED Street Lights

Buying LED Street Light? Real Factors you should consider for best quality

Switching to LED lighting is a wise decision, as the incandescent lights are expensive and inefficient too. By delivering exquisite services, LED lights are ruling in the market. This has given a great hike in demand of LED street lights. Due to increasing demand, the manufacturers have also grown multifold. It’s quite natural. But with the rising number of manufacturers, the frauds are also growing. So, being conscious is essential while buying LED street lights.

The reason for choosing the best one is not only this. Another reason is its unnecessary fitting efforts & expenses. Unlike indoor lighting, street light fitting needs lots of efforts, and anyhow, if you choose the wrong one, then you have to bear heavy maintenance cost. This can excessively shake your budget. Always keep this thing in mind:

Cheap LED street light = High Maintenance Cost

In order to choose best quality LED street lights, we are going to discuss the two quality factors that must be kept in mind. Let’s discuss, how could these factors, i.e. overall construction of LED street lights & power supply makes an impact on your wise decision in choosing best LED street lights: Continue reading Buying LED Street Light? Real Factors you should consider for best quality

LED Lighting Market: Progress in 2017 and Beyond

Today, LED lights have become inseparable part of the life. People use it as these are extremely economical and energy efficient. This has brought a revolutionary change in the lives of people. The complete energy efficient LED bulbs have made the life simpler. These durable and Eco-friendly bulbs are overtaking the incandescent bulbs very quickly. After checking each factor from the label, one can take the best quality LED bulbs from the market.

led lighting market 2017

Revolutionary LEDs

Generally, it is considered that the LED invention is new to the world. But the real thing is LED lighting are prevailing from the past 50 years. This is the development of white LEDs that have recently come into knowledge of the public. These LEDs have changed and simplified the lives of people. Continue reading LED Lighting Market: Progress in 2017 and Beyond

BEE Star Rating in LED Lights: All You Need to Know About

The modern world is getting better with the technology day by day. With the development of the technology people have become able to innovate new ideas and they have found new ways which ease the living. LED is one such term which came to the world decades ago. With the use of that technology a group of people introduced the LED CFL lights which caused to reduction of the electricity bill of people. The technology behind the LED lights has the power to use less electricity to give the light. Because of this reason people began to use LED lights instead of ordinary filament lights. Taking these factors into consideration many electrical companies from various countries started to manufacture LED lights which are the most energy-efficient lights in the world today. India is one such country which is the home for many LED light manufacturing companies. Although there are so many companies who have involved in the manufacturing of LED lights, do they all manufacture these lights according to the relevant standards? Well, that is a major factor which should get the attention.

BEE Star Ratings for LED Lights

Each and every product should be manufactured according to the perfect standards. When it comes to the LED light manufacturing in India, BEE is the institute which is responsible for implementing the standards which should be followed when manufacturing LED lights. BEE refers to Bureau of Energy Efficiency. This was introduced by the government of India under the provisions of Energy Conversation act in 2001. BEE sets standards for all the electrical appliances and companies have to pass the tests conducted by BEE in order to get the relevant certificates which lift the quality of the products.

Let’s look into the factors which BEE considers in the test for the LED light manufacturing in India. Every LED light brand in India should get through this test to get the quality certificates. Continue reading BEE Star Rating in LED Lights: All You Need to Know About

14 Best Websites to buy LED Lights online

Looking to buy LED lights online? Then shop confidently from these reliable websites and get top-branded, quality LED lights at affordable prices.

Best websites to buy LED Lights online in India

Everyone is switching to LED lights over traditional lighting solutions. And to meet this booming demand, a huge variety of led lights are being brought to markets that are immensely energy-efficient, cost-effective, eco-friendly and durable as well. Buying online is a great way to shop for these led lights. It not only offers the convenience of having a much bigger selection at finger tips, but also charge lower prices for products since they come straight from the manufacturers itself. Besides these, benefits like free shipment, deals, discounts and other value-added services further enhance the shopping experience. Now, the thing is, there are many online retailers out there that sell LED lights and not all trustworthy. So, for the convenience of online shoppers, we’ve compiled a list of the best rated websites from where branded LED lights can be bought with great satisfaction. Continue reading 14 Best Websites to buy LED Lights online

Top Factors that define Quality of LED lights

LED lights are the finest revolution in the history of the world. Along with saving energy, it saves money, electricity and lessens the efforts of the customer. But do you think, all the LED lights are of best quality? Absolutely not! With the rising competition in each field, one thing that got harm is the quality. No doubt, quality products have come up, but in order to win the race, some manufacturers don’t care about quality. So it becomes a necessity to check properly the quality of the LED lights before purchasing it.

Myths to check quality of LED Lights:

  • Quality can be judged from the brand of LED chip
  • LED lights can only be imported.
  • The LED lights with same watts are absolutely similar irrespective of brand or company
  • Don’t rely on new brands as old is gold.

This is the general criteria to judge the quality of LED lighting, which is totally wrong. One can’t choose the right one by following these points. For choosing the best LED lights, the factors which must be kept in mind are different. Continue reading Top Factors that define Quality of LED lights

Top 11 Indian Branded LED Bulbs compared

Find out who standout top in the comparison of branded led bulbs in India. Which is best led bulb brand in India? Is it Phillips, Havells, Surya, Syska, Bajaj or any other? Lets figure it out in this detailed study:

Comparison of top indian branded LED bulbs

Narendra Modi government raised awareness of using LED light and LED bulbs in all Indian citizens. Not doubt, in near future you will see LED bulbs, LED downlights in every Indian homes as well as LED Street lights on each path you wanted to go. Luckily, Delhi Citizen will get benefits of 10 Rs. LED Bulb in short time as government has announced its plan. Learn how to register to DELP LED Lamp of Rs.10. Continue reading Top 11 Indian Branded LED Bulbs compared

Blue LED light Kills Mosquitoes & Fruit flies

blue light kills bugs and insectsTo stay healthy, it is also necessary to have insects free atmosphere altogether quality foods. In Africa, mosquito kills 500,000 every year just by spreading Malaria. If human being is able to control mosquito population then all worries will be gone. There are lots of study are running regarding insect control. Here research plays a vital role.

All insects are not really harmful to us but some do lots of hazards. Harmful insects like pests are causing damages to farmers. There are lots of solutions to be there but still poor farmers are using chemical (insecticides) to kill pest. Insecticides are toxic in nature so again using it is not a smart step. So farmers must have source that is economical and not health hazardous. Continue reading Blue LED light Kills Mosquitoes & Fruit flies

10 Incredible Uses of LED lights you Won’t believe at once!

Just look at these incredible LED light creations! You’re sure to be spellbound by the heights of creativity people have attained with LEDs.

LEDs have solidified their place in lighting market. They’re simply brilliant, flexible, long-lasting, and superbly efficient. From fashion to art to design, they are being used in almost every field imaginable today. So, it’s no surprise that creative people from all around the world are using this intelligent lighting system for various creative projects. And some of them have actually taken the capabilities of LED lighting to a whole new level. Well, now get ready to get stunned as we are going to present here a few of the most jaw-dropping creations made with LED Lights!

Top 11 Awe-Inspiring Creations with LED Lights

1. The Spectacular Cathedral of LED Lights

luminarie de cagna led cathedral

© Image Credit:

Continue reading 10 Incredible Uses of LED lights you Won’t believe at once!

Don’t Be Fool while selecting Best LED Lights

LED Lights selection guideAdopting to LED light saves electricity, money and extra maintenance cost too. This happens only when you switch to High-Quality LED Lighting products only. Find out which factors you should consider from Packaging Labels for getting best quality Led light products from Market.

LED and CFL bulbs have revolutionized energy-efficient lighting. Even here you can say that CFLs are a temporary solution to energy-efficient lighting, while long lasting, durable, more efficient, eco-friendly… LED lights are replacing incandescent bulbs broadly. You can easily find out best quality Led light products in the market, simply considering some important factors like power factor, light appearances, CRI, etc. available on packaging labels. Get informed about such key factors in details here, and select the best LED for the best result. Continue reading Don’t Be Fool while selecting Best LED Lights