Top 11 Indian Branded LED Bulbs compared

Find out who standout top in the comparison of branded led bulbs in India. Which is best led bulb brand in India? Is it Phillips, Havells, Surya, Syska, Bajaj or any other? Lets figure it out in this detailed study:

Comparison of top indian branded LED bulbs

Narendra Modi government raised awareness of using LED light and LED bulbs in all Indian citizens. Not doubt, in near future you will see LED bulbs, LED downlights in every Indian homes as well as LED Street lights on each path you wanted to go. Luckily, Delhi Citizen will get benefits of 10 Rs. LED Bulb in short time as government has announced its plan. Learn how to register to DELP LED Lamp of Rs.10.

As the market of LED Lights is blooming fast, many companies are ready to launch their LED products to serve their customer better. Due to lot of brands in market it is easy to get good choice from all, but it is also as difficult to find out best quality if you are not technically sound. Also there is not any standard energy star certificate or formula made from central government to know quality.

Technical parameters to consider while buying a high quality light are Lumens output (Lumens/watt), Power Factor, CRI (Color rendering index) and LED life in hours. Following table will help you to find out best LED bulb according to high specifications.

Parameter Average Good Best
Lumens/Watt 75 90 100
Power Factor 0.7 0.8 0.9
CRI 60 70 80
LED Life in Hours 15000 25000 50000

Beside these parameters also check how much metal (Aluminum) is used in LED bulb. Aluminum is generally used to provide better heat sink and extends the life of LED chip.

As the development in LED is still progressing, lumens per watt, power factor, CRI and LED life hours are terms to be changed.

Top Branded LED bulb comparison:

Let’s check comparison of all Top branded LED bulbs available in Indian market. All the bulbs mentioned in comparison table have same colour temperature range(6000-6500K) i.e. cool white.

Company Model Watt Lumens L/W PF CRI Life in Hours Warranty
Philips Ace saver 2.5 230 92 0.25 80 15000 1 Year
Ace saver 4 350 87.5 0.72 80 15000 1 Year
Ace saver 7 600 85 0.85 80 15000 1 Year
Ace saver 9 806 89 0.89 80 15000 1 Year
Stellar Bright 12.5 1055 84 0.9 80 15000 1 Year
Stellar Bright 14 1400 100 0.93 80 15000 1 Year
Havells Adore 3 270 90 80 25000 1 Year
Adore 5 400 80 70 25000 1 Year
Adore 7 520 74 70 25000 1 Year
Adore 10 800 80 70 25000 1 Year
Adore 15 1500 100 80 25000 1 Year
Osram Superstar Classic A 6 470 78 0.95 80 25000 1 Year
Superstar Classic A 10 806 80.6 0.95 80 25000 1 Year
Lightify Classic A 9.5 810 85 0.7 >80 25000 1 Year
Superstar Classic A 11 1055 95 0.95 >80 25000 1 Year
Eveready LEDBulb 3 300 100 0.5 80 20000 1 Year
LEDBulb 5 500 100 0.5 80 20000 1 Year
LEDBulb 7 700 100 0.5 80 20000 1 Year
LEDBulb 9 900 100 0.9 80 20000 1 Year
LEDBulb 12 1200 100 0.9 80 20000 1 Year
LEDBulb 14 1400 100 0.9 80 20000 1 Year
Wipro Garnet N50001 5 450 90 0.7 80 25000 1 Year
Garnet N70002 7 610 87 0.8 80 25000 1 Year
Garnet N90001 9 830 92 0.95 80 25000 1 Year
Oreva ECO Series 4 316 79 15000 2 Years
ECO Series 6 477 79.5 15000 2 Years
ECO Series 8 615 76 15000 2 Years
ECO Series 10 775 77.5 15000 2 Years
ECO Series 12 935 77 15000 2 Years
DX Series 11 925 84 15000 2 Years
Bajaj LEDZ 5 400 80 0.7 25000 1 Year
LEDZ 7 600 85 0.85 25000 1 Year
SYSKA SSK-LB 3 210 70 >.95 >85 20000 2 Years
SSK-QA0301 3 250 83 >80 20000 2 Years
SSK-LB 5 350 70 >.95 >85 20000 2 Years
SSK-QA0602 5 410 82 >80 20000 2 Years
SSK-LB 7 490 70 >.95 >85 20000 2 Years
SSK-QA0701 7 600 85 >80 20000 2 Years
SSK-LB 8 640 80 >.95 >85 20000 2 Years
SSK-QA0901 9 780 86 >80 20000 2 Years
SSK-LB 10 800 80 >.95 >85 20000 2 Years
SSK-QA0907 10 820 82 >80 20000 2 Years
SSK-LB 12 960 80 >.95 >85 20000 2 Years
SSK-LB 15 1200 80 >.95 >85 20000 2 Years
SSK-LB 20 1600 80 >.95 >85 20000 2 Years
Charlston GlowUp-5 5 450 90 >.90 82 50000 5 Years
GlowUp-9 9 800 89 >.90 82 50000 5 Years
Moserbaer LED Bulb 5 410 82 0.7 80 50000 1.5 year
LED Bulb 7 470 67 >0.9 >80 50000 1.5 year
Surya Royal Lamp 3 230 76.67 >0.9 70 20000 2 Years
Royal Lamp 5 415 83.00 >0.9 70 20000 2 Years
Royal Lamp 7 680 97.14 >0.9 70 20000 2 Years
Royal Lamp 9 790 87.78 >0.9 70 20000 2 Years
Eco Lamp 5 400 80.00 >0.9 70 20000 2 Years
Eco Lamp 7 560 80.00 >0.9 70 20000 2 Years
Eco Lamp 9 720 80.00 >0.9 70 20000 2 Years
Crompton LED-3DFCDL-PRO-BO 3 250 83.33333 > 0.9 NA 5000 2 Years
LED-5DFCDL-PRO-BO 5 430 86 > 0.9 NA 5000 2 Years
LED-7DFCDL-PRO-BI 7 600 85.71429 > 0.9 NA 5000 2 Years
LED-9DFCDL-PRO-BO 9 800 88.88889 > 0.9 NA 5000 2 Years
LED12DFCDL-PRO-BO 12 1200 100 > 0.9 NA 5000 2 Years
LED14DFCDL-PRO-BO 14 1400 100 > 0.9 NA 5000 2 Years
LED18DFCDL-PRO-BO 18 1800 100 > 0.9 NA 5000 2 Years
LED23WDFCDL-PRO-BO 23 1800 78.26087 > 0.9 NA 5000 2 Years
NTL Lemnis Pharox 400i CW 6 450 75 0.85 75 25000 1 Year

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Philips Stellar Bright LED Bulb
Philips Stellar Bright LED Bulb

Philips: Philips LED bulbs are really most expensive in market because this brand don’t do any compromise in terms of quality. All Philips LED bulbs above 7 watt are efficient in terms of power factor and CRI. Philips is No.1 Brand in India so they need to improve lots in terms of lumens/watt according to price range of product. Philips LED Bulbs with lowers watt (4watt and below) have too much low power factor however it is not necessary in lower wattage. Philips provides 15000 hours of LED chip life which in average quality range.

Worth Buy : Philips Stellar Bright 14Watt LED Bulb

Havells Adore 15watt LED Bulb
Havells Adore 15watt LED Bulb

Havells: As a reputed brand, Havells has not strong quality LED bulb portfolio. For 3watt and 15watt, Havells has best quality bulbs. In middle range (5 watt, 7watt, 10watt), Havells still need lots of improvement because this LED bulbs are most demandable in retail market. Only Havells Adore 15watt has 100 lumens per watt (good output). Havells can make LED Bulb’s portfolio strong by improving middle range.

Worth Buy : Havells Adore 15watt LED Bulb

Osram Superstar Classic A 11 Watt LED BulbOsram: 100 years of old and most innovative company Osram has best power factor range in Superstar Classic A LED bulb series. Lumens per watt in higher watt models is also above good level. Osram has huge range of warm white LED bulbs. Osram is only a brand among the biggest players who provides dimmable LED bulbs.

Worth Buy : Osram Superstar Classic A 11 Watt LED Bulb

Eveready LEDBulb 14watt
Eveready LEDBulb 14watt

Eveready: This the only brand who is labeling 100 lumens/watt in each of its LED bulbs. You should buy Eveready LED bulbs above 9watt because below 9watt LED lamps has lowest power factor (i.e. 0.5). Buying LED bulb with such lower power factor in not a such wise choice because it consume same watt as CFL.

 Worth Buy : Eveready LEDBulb 12 Watt or Eveready LEDBulb 14watt.

Wipro Garnet N90001 9 W LED Bulb
Wipro Garnet 9 W LED Bulb

Wipro: Wipro has little small portfolio of LED bulbs but all of them can compete LED market in India. Wipro has impressive lumens/watt, CRI and power factor then other biggest players.

Worth buy: Wipro Garnet N90001 9watt LED Bulb

Oreva: Oreva has two series in LED bulbs (I) ECO Series (II) DX Series. Due to lack of data like CRI, power factor it is not possible to predict about the quality of product.

Bajaj: Bajaj LEDZ 5 watt and 7 watt LED bulbs are total OEM products. Price range is very low so not so bad in this budget.

SYSKA: New emerging LED brand SYSKA has two series in LED bulb (I)SSK-LB Series and (II) SSK-QA. SYSKA is also doing OEM just like Bajaj but it provides high power factor and CRI. Although price is higher, lumens per watt is still lower in all LED bulbs of SYSKA.

Charlston GlowUp LED bulb
Charlston GlowUp LED bulb

Charlston: Charlston is small brand but it provides unique designed LED bulbs with 5 year warranty that no one is providing right now in India. The GlowUp LED bulbs comes in two variant 5watt and 9watt. Both have high lumens per watt, power factor and CRI rating. This small brand can really give easy competition to big players like Philips, Osram and Havells. Charlston GlowUp LED bulbs are dimmable like Osram and has 50,000 hours of life (best life span on LED Bulb category).

Worth Buy: Both Charlston GlowUp LED bulbs 5watt and 9watt are worth to buy.

Moserbaer: Only two LED bulb of 5watt and 7 watt are present in its portfolio. CRI, power factor and LED chip life is very impressive but Moserbaer LED bulbs can not satisfy lumens need of customer due to lower lumens per watt.

Royal Lamp 7 Watt LED Bulb
Royal Lamp 7 Watt LED Bulb

Surya: When it comes to lighting, Surya is an also reputed Indian brands for decades. Surya has also started manufacturing LED bulbs. It is making economical and royal series. If we compare both LED bulb series, we find only difference in lumens per watt. CRI of surya LED Lamps is poor. Surya Eco LED bulbs are still struggling in terms of lumens per watt (i.e. 80). Higher watt in Royal series good in terms of lumens per watt but still you have to compromise with CRI.

Worth Buy: Royal Lamp 7 Watt LED Bulb

Conclusion of Top LED Bulbs Comparison:

Brands with High Lumens per watt (>=90): Eveready, Osram, Havells, Philips, Wipro, and Charlston.

Maximum Warranty giving brands: Charlston, Oreva, SYSKA, and Surya

Brands with maximum life of LED Chip: Moserbear, Charlston

LED bulb Brand with Power factor (>=90): Philips, Osram, Eveready, Wipro, SYSKA, Charlston, Surya and Moserbaer.

High CRI (>80) LED bulb brands: Osram, SYSKA, Charlston

Choose and vote your best brand below, and see what other users recommend.

Which brand will you choose for LED bulb?

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    1. Hi Fahd,
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  2. How would you rate compact LED bulb? It is made in India while the most of the above are made in China. It’s lumens/watt for a 14 watt bulb is 1440 i.e. more than hundred and it comes with a 2 yr warranty.

  3. The best LED bulbs one can buy are Eveready 9 watts to 14 watts, Philips steller 14 watts & Havells Adore 15 watts which give 100 lumen per watt. It is obeserved from above comparison of 11 indian brands only eveready range of eveready Led bulb gives 100 lumen per watt in their full range LED bulbs. observation is without prejudice.

  4. sir , u r providing wrong information about charlston .

    charlston GlowUp-5 5 watt= 450 lumen,90lm/watt ,5 year warranty ,MRP =530.00
    charlston GlowUp-9 9 watt=850 lumen ,94.44lm/watt,5 year warranty,MRP=720.00

    1. Hi, Mukesh

      You are right… This article was publish a year ago and we are gathering all data once again to make huge changes.. There will be lot of variations in many product so stay tuned.. Thanks for your comment,…. :)

  5. Though the comparison is really very nice. In actual, the build quality of bulb also matters a lot. For e.g. when I compared 7W LED from Syska with 7W LED from Philips, I observed the Philips one is more brighter than the Syska one, though the luminance of Philips are lesser than Syska, and the cost difference is also high.

    Also when two LED from Syska 7W PA Series & 7W QA series compared, the luminance is not visible much differentiated, but again there is high price difference, where Syska 7W PA series LED costs approx. 350 Rs, the 7W QA series LED costs approx 550 Rs. The difference is huge.

    Most of the shopkeepers & consumers does not even know this.

  6. hi , I am looking led for my office purpose which i need full white. and very bright . which brand I should prefer .I am realy confused comparision with branded and unbranded . philips i saw has less brightness compare to chines made and also price diff hige almost 70%diff. please advise me which should i prefer for my office but need very bright full white led

  7. I want to buy 15watt led bulb . Which brand to choose among syska and wipro or any other brand …..i have to deal with light fluctuation problem here at the workshop….so suggest me the good quality product which can withstand the fluctuation of light…

    1. Please buy eveready , I have been using it has a light fluctuation corrected build in it gives constant light output in heavy light fluctuations where as other brand led bulbs like orient they fluctuate a lot

  8. I want to buy 15watt led bulb . Which brand to choose among syska and wipro or any other brand …..i have to deal with light fluctuation problem here at the workshop….so suggest me the good quality product which can withstand the fluctuation of light…..

  9. Very good information provided for best selection of LED ,it will support to the consumers to take good decision ,build nation stronger ….in way of energy saving…

  10. I need LED Lights 70W street lights (100 nos) and 40 W (250 nos), of Philiphs/Bajaj/Syska/Havells/Osram. Pls provide the details from where can i buy them at best price

  11. I want to open a showroom of light fitting . So please tell me which brand to choose for entire residential, commercial as well as for industrial lighting with an optimum properties you have discuss above(CRI,PF, lumen etc).

  12. Syska LED is a very overrated brand. They are showing off through their ADs on the TV that they are most trusted brand but in reality their products suck and do not even last more than 2 months. Their customer service is also pathetic.

    I bought a pair of Syska LED bulbs SSK-SRL-9W from Flipkart in the month of June, 2016 but in the month of August (1st week), one of the bulbs simply stopped working. I doubt even the second one will malfunction soon. Till now I have been trying to get the faulty one replaced but no action has been taken by them. I have raised a complaint EC160813884 by calling customer care and also posted my complaint in their Facebook page but no luck. Only a computerized email confirming that they will look into that was sent to me.

    Now you can easily get the picture of how Syska LED is behind the scenes and how reliable they are!

  13. It would be good if you can also rate/review the commercial office space LED bulbs (e.g. 2’x2′ 36W or 42W and 8″ 18W or 20W bulbs for commercial spaces. There is so much marketing that it is hard to distinguish between products based on solid criteria.

  14. HI,
    My name is Nii Aryee from Ghana,which india led light manufacturer has a good quality product and also a moderate cost between Rs150 to Rs250 .

  15. I brought Syska SSK-RB Series 12,8,5 Watt for my new home, gives enough lumen, searching for Surya 2.5W , but not available in local market. This review helped me a lot for my EEE Group (wharsapp group). Any students can join this group by sending request to 09938090304.

  16. Respt sir I am form ap so I want to make a led bulbs makingunit so can I get the LED bulbs Raw meteral and led bulbs for marketing purposes in a low cost. thanks you sir my no 8121904220

  17. Dear sirs

    As a true factory, we can do any OEM size Panel Light as you request. Appreciate an opportunity working with you.

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        36w 600*600mm
    6w 120*120mm 6w 120*120mm 36w 300*1200mm
    12w 170*170mm 12w 170*170mm 50w 600*1200mm
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    24w 300*300mm 24w 300*300mm  

    Chris, lighting solution

  18. Hi,

    I have come across a brand called Savex, I have purchased a piece of this Bulb. this is really good so far lighting is concerned and I am using for last 8 months and found it good one.

    I would like to see comparison data for same Bulb as you have provided for other Brands, can you help me out.

    I hope you will not disappoint me.

    Om shankar

  19. Sir I am still confused which brand I have to use
    In my home I am using cfl bulbs 18,20,22
    Now I have to continue with led with less consumption power unit please suggest me on my email or 7022491834 I beg to you plz help me

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