BEE Star Rating in LED Lights: All You Need to Know About

The modern world is getting better with the technology day by day. With the development of the technology people have become able to innovate new ideas and they have found new ways which ease the living. LED is one such term which came to the world decades ago. With the use of that technology a group of people introduced the LED CFL lights which caused to reduction of the electricity bill of people. The technology behind the LED lights has the power to use less electricity to give the light. Because of this reason people began to use LED lights instead of ordinary filament lights. Taking these factors into consideration many electrical companies from various countries started to manufacture LED lights which are the most energy-efficient lights in the world today. India is one such country which is the home for many LED light manufacturing companies. Although there are so many companies who have involved in the manufacturing of LED lights, do they all manufacture these lights according to the relevant standards? Well, that is a major factor which should get the attention.

BEE Star Ratings for LED Lights

Each and every product should be manufactured according to the perfect standards. When it comes to the LED light manufacturing in India, BEE is the institute which is responsible for implementing the standards which should be followed when manufacturing LED lights. BEE refers to Bureau of Energy Efficiency. This was introduced by the government of India under the provisions of Energy Conversation act in 2001. BEE sets standards for all the electrical appliances and companies have to pass the tests conducted by BEE in order to get the relevant certificates which lift the quality of the products.

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BEE Energy Star Rating for LED lights coming soon

LED lights to soon get star-rating labels based on efficiency and standards set by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency India!

led star rating, LED light BEE energy ratingImmense benefits of LEDs have spurred people to switch from traditional lighting to energy-efficient LED lighting products. But the problem is, a large number of manufacturers are tapping into this potentially lucrative market and not all of them provide quality products. So, to help people choose quality energy-efficient products, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has come up with standards for LED Lights. Based on these standards, LED lights will get affixed with BEE Energy Star Rating labels, so that purchasers can compare the energy efficiency of different models.

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