LED Expo 2013 in Mumbai & Delhi

In the recent times, India is getting huge exposure in the LED lighting field. LED lighting plays vital role for lighting many electronic devices. These devices are automobiles, computers, city lighting, cell phones, televisions, etc. LED is really getting popular due to its several benefits like energy efficient, low power requirement and offers a long life span. It is widely used in commercial, private and public places also.

India's no.1 exhibition on LED Lighting products & Technology

LED Expo is dedicated to the science and technology especially LED application. It contributes in shaping the future of this market. It can be said that it is best opportunity for both exhibitors as well as visitors in network marketing. The exhibitors will get a chance to present their products at such a big platform and they can earn a lot of business as well as goodwill from it. The best thing is that you can meet a large number of customers at one place only. The success of expo is increasing from year to year due to its advantages. These events are the best chances for all the exhibitors and visitors across the world as it is the best for networking. According to industry report, the LED market is likely to grow at a CAGR of 41.5% by 2015. Thus, LED is a green and clean source of energy. Continue reading LED Expo 2013 in Mumbai & Delhi

Understanding the LifeSpan of Led Lights

LED light is a great alternative to other types of lighting sources such as incandescent, fluorescent, HID and CFLs. They are more durable, energy-efficient and long lasting compared to others. They offer benefits such as long lifespan, improved durability, energy efficient, produce very less heat, don’t emit UV or infrared and Eco-friendly. Although LED lights are expensive, their low maintenance and longer lifespan helps you to save energy and money. The lifespan is the main advantage of LED lighting. If you are wondering how long does an LED light bulb last, then read the following article to understand the lifespan of LED.

LED lights lifespan

The lifespan of LED light does not mean 100 to 0% light burn-out that demands a replacement. LED lights never really burn-out, in fact they get dimmer and dimmer over the time. The lifespan of a LED lights is calculated via lumen depreciation (the decrease in lumen output). There are different lumen maintenance ratings like L50, L70, L80 and L90. L70 is the most recent and commonly used maintenance ratings for general lighting. Continue reading Understanding the LifeSpan of Led Lights

The Advantages & Benefits of LED Lighting

LED lighting benefits and advantages

The LED lighting market in India has shown a tremendous growth in recent years. The revolutionary LED technology has been around since 1964, but it had some major disadvantages in the beginning. The biggest drawback of LEDs was that they were too expensive for an average consumer to buy. Plus, it produced only a limited area of light when a wide area of light was needed. But now, the price of LED lights has gone down considerably also it is continuously dropping more as the technology advances and the demand increases. Also, developers have successfully eliminated the problem of pin-point lighting by intelligently combining many diodes in different directions. As both of the major problems have been resolved, more and more people are now turning to LED lights.

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Future of Led lighting in India

Led lights have been growing at such a big rate all over the world… certainly, India is no exception here. In reality, LED lighting has vast potential in India owing to power shortages and high electricity costs. Nowadays, India struggles to meet the increasing electricity demand with its exceptional growth in the economy. Also, this country plans to build more power plants for sustaining the higher electricity demand of its widely growing population.

Future of LED Light Business in India
Graph shows future and growth of LED Light industry in india

But… here is a very simple solution; just change light bulbs to the new LED technology and this can surprisingly reduce the country’s electricity demand by as much as 40 percent. It really…really works great! With the biggest benefit of energy saving, long lamp life and environment friendly technology; LEDs would notably lessen the lighting load, peak demand and overall energy consumption of India, even without compromising on the environment safety (like many Indians protested against dangerous Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant). As India has been declared as one of the polluted countries in the world, such eco-friendly aspect of led lighting would definitely add more strength to the future growth of Indian LED light segment. So, SAVE ENERGY… SAVE ENVIRONMENT… and thereby SAVE INDIA with LED development. Continue reading Future of Led lighting in India