Ludhiana Railway Station goes eco-friendly with solar LED lights

We all just talk about to take step forward for the use of eco-friendly energy in our life, but authority of Ludhiana Railway Station has taken one step ahead as it has started making use of the eco-friendly energy option at Ludhiana railway station in the form of solar light emitting diode (LED) lamps. It is the big step towards the use of eco-friendly energy sources rather than traditional sources. In the starting phase, this LED lamps are placed at three different places of Ludhiana railway station.

Ludhiana Railway Station goes eco-friendly with solar LED lights

First lamp is placed at the railway station’s back gate towards Guru Nanak Stadium, second one is placed near to the police security post and third one is situated at Railways Hospital just near to the back gate. Right now, these lamps are working without any problem.

Ludhiana Railway Station superintendent RK Sharma told that right now they have placed these lamps for experimental purpose; it will help to provide light to the Ludhiana junction if any power cutoff occurs. After the good response of LED lamps system, railway authority will place them at more places. Many people already use the LED lamps but this is really appreciable step of railway authority.

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